The combination of Deseret Digital Media's brands and our team of experts helps us successfully deliver the right audience for our advertising partners. DDM’s innovative advertising product portfolio ensures advertisers reach their target customers and prospects in engaged and trusted marketplaces to help them be successful.
Three Important Ways We're Different:

With media properties that reach local (Utah), regional (Intermountain West) and national audiences, and a growing international audience, there's no digital company like DDM. We will help you reach your target audience with your message and call to action.

Innovative Products

DDM’s value proposition extends not only to our users, but also to our advertisers, who find great success in the variety of products designed to maximize their advertising results.

  • Standard display ads
  • Premium display ads
  • Mobile display ads
  • BrandView ads (native/sponsored content)
  • Social media campaigns
  • Pre-roll video ads
Active and Trusted Marketplaces

Each month, DDM serves more than 330 million page views to an audience of over 9 million unique visitors. Advertisers reach users who are engaged in content, searching, and exhibit buying behavior. It is during these times of engagement that users are most receptive to additional and complementary offers and messaging.


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We can help you reach your target audience with your message and call to action.

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